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Agriculture at LCS

We have weekly agriculture classes for all students grades K-8, focusing on the commodities of MN. Here is an example of a commodity cycle:

  • Food Land & People
  • Pigs
  • Germination & Plants
  • Soybeans and Dry Beans
  • Sugar beets
  • Bison & Alt. livestock
  • Wild Rice
  • Ag Vocab & Careers

Every spring we have an Ag Fair.  All students in grades 4-8 participate, and grades K-3 have the option to participate.  Students research a topic of interest related to Agriculture and present it to faculty, parents and the public.

We have an on-site greenhouse – all students, grades PreK-8, help in plant germination.  In May we host an annual plant sale.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math program at LCS, every student participates in hands-on activities.

Technology at LCS

The Lafayette Public Charter School technology beliefs:

  • We believe that technology is a catalyst for learning.
  • We believe that all students and teachers need to have a technology skill to be successful in the 21st century.
  • We believe that change is inevitable.
  • We believe that productivity and efficiency are enhanced by the appropriate use of technology.

The Lafayette Public Charter School has a 25-workstation Mac lab and also have started introducing Chromebooks.  Students have access to internet and software for learning typing, word processing, presentation creation, etc.  Each classroom has 2-3 Mac/Chromebook workstations and there are 35 iPads for use between the classrooms.  We are also a Google School, which means that our teachers and students collaborate using the Google suite of technology related to learning.  Smartboards are also used in every classroom.

Technology Plan

Music at LCS

LCS students have the opportunity to experience music class once a week.  Younger students explore rhythm, melody, and dance, and are exposed to a variety of musical styles, from nursery rhymes to folk, and pop.  They also get to explore instruments like claves, shakers, and jingle bells .  Older students do all of those things, and in addition, are introduced to music theory:  learning note values, time signatures and counting, sight singing, and harmony.  They learn to play Boom Whackers and bells, and have the opportunity to try bucket drums.  Students are encouraged to try solos and duets for the school concerts (in December and May) and to audition for the annual talent show, held each February.  


Physical Education at LCS

Lafayette Public Charter School believes in helping individuals become physically fit, develop character, learn social and physical skills, and become knowledgeable about life-long sports and activities.