2021-22 Lafayette Public Charter School Board Members

Tally Clobes
Position: Ex Officio Interim Director
Phone number: 507-228-8943
Email: clobes@lafayettecharter.k12.mn.us

Courtney Wyczawski
Position: Parent/Secretary
Phone number: 507-228-8943
Email: courtneywyczawski@lafayettecharter.k12.mn.us

Lindsey Heine
Postition: Ex Officio Finance
Phone Number: 507-228-8943
Email: business@lafayettecharter.k12.mn.us

Ashley Walters
Position: Teacher
Phone number: 507-228-8943
Email: walters@lafayettecharter.k12.mn.us

Robin Larson
Position: Vice Chair/Teacher
Phone number: 507-228-8943
Email: larson@lafayettecharter.k12.mn.us

Joshua Harrison
Position: Chair/Parent
Phone number: 507-228-8943
Email: joshharrison@lafayettecharter.k12.mn.us


Samuel Schwark
Position: Parent
Phone number: 507-228-8943
Email: samuelschwark@lafayettecharter.k12.mn.us

Colin Hoffman
Position: Community Member/Treasurer
Phone number: 507-228-8943
Email: colinhoffman@lafayettecharter.k12.mn.us

Cody Huiras
Position: Teacher
Phone number: 507-228-8943
Email: huiras@lafayettecharter.k12.mn,us

Board Meeting Dates for the 2021/22 School Year

• August 10, 2021
• September 14, 2021
• October 12, 2021
• November 9, 2021
• December 14, 2021
• January 11, 2022
• February 8, 2022
• March 8, 2022
• April 12, 2022
• May 10, 2022
• June 14, 2022
• July 12, 2022


All meetings occur on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm with board development in the first 10 minutes. Meetings are held in the Lafayette Public Charter School Technology Room unless otherwise noted due to COVID restrictions. See Calendar on the main page for Zoom links.

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Article I: NAME. The name of the organization is the Lafayette Public Charter School, located in the City of Lafayette, County of Nicollet, and State of Minnesota.

Article II: PURPOSE. The purpose of the Lafayette Public Charter School is to improve pupil learning and student achievement in children from kindergarten through grade 8 in accordance with the Charter Schools Statute of Minnesota (Minn. Stat. 124D.10).

Article II: SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP. Staff employed at the school, including teachers providing instruction under a contract with a cooperative, and all parents or legal guardians of children enrolled in the school are the voters eligible to elect the members of the school’s board of directors. A school membership list will be available at all times. School member meetings will be held annually, and special meetings may be called.

Each school member shall have one vote. The charter school must notify eligible voters of the school board election date at least 30 days before the election.

Article IV: BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The Lafayette Public Charter School Board of Directors shall be composed of at least five unrelated members. Within the board there shall be at least one member of a community that is served by Lafayette Public Charter School who is not employed by the charter school and does not have a child enrolled in the school, at least two licensed teachers at Lafayette Public Charter School, and at least two parents of enrolled Lafayette Public Charter School students. Teachers may be the majority of the Board. All those on the school membership list are eligible to vote for the Board of Directors. Any member of the Board of Directors may be suspended or removed for cause after an appropriate hearing, and by a majority vote of the Board members present at any regular meeting. The Lafayette Public Charter School Director and Business Manager shall be non-voting and considered ex officio members of the Board. If a parent Board Member no longer has a child enrolled and/or attending school at Lafayette Public Charter School, that parent may remain on the board until the next Board election. All Board members must attend MDE-approved training within six months and must complete such training within twelve months of being seated on the Board.


(a)  No member of the board of directors, employee, officer, or agent of a charter school shall participate in selecting, awarding, or administering a contract if a conflict of interest exists. No Board member may vote on any matter that could result in personal financial gain or loss. A conflict exists when:

      (1) the board member, employee, officer, or agent;

      (2) the immediate family of the board member, employee, officer, or agent;

      (3) the partner of the board member, employee, officer, or agent; or

      (4) an organization that employs, or is about to employ any individual in clauses

      (1) to (3)

Has a financial or other interest in the entity with which the charter school is contracting. A violation of this prohibition renders the contract void.        

 (b) The conflict of interest provisions under this section do not apply to compensation paid to a teacher employed as a teacher by the charter school or a teacher who provides instructional services to the charter school through a cooperative formed under chapter 308A when the teacher also serves on the charter school board of directors.

 (c) A charter school board member, employee, or officer is a local official for purposes of section 471.895 with regard to receipt of gifts as defined under section 10A.071, subdivision 1, paragraph (b). A board member, employee, or officer must not receive compensation from a group health insurance provider. 124E.07

Article VI: OFFICERS. The officers of the Lafayette Public Charter School Board of Directors shall be the Chair, Vice-Chair, Clerk / Co-Treasurer and Treasurer. The Chair will appoint committee members, preside over meetings, and serve as the chief spokesperson for the Board. The Vice-Chair will assist and preside in the absence of the Chair. The Clerk / Co-Treasurer will take the minutes of the meetings and provide members with a report of the proceedings. The Treasurer will work with the staff to maintain financial records. Officers, directors and employees shall be fully indemnified except in cases of willful misconduct.

 Article VII: TERMS OF OFFICE. Terms of the Board of Directors and officers begin the second Tuesday of December with election of officers occurring at that meeting in December. Directors will serve three-year staggered terms. Officers will be elected from within the Board. Officers and directors may serve two consecutive terms.

 Article VIII: VACANCIES. Vacancies in officer positions shall be filled by election of the Board. Vacancies in Board positions shall be filled by special vote of the membership. A position shall be considered vacant upon two or more consecutive missed meetings.        

 Article IX: MEETINGS. The meeting schedule for the school year shall be determined at the first meeting in July. The Board may call additional meetings. Meeting dates may be changed provided required notice is given to those involved. All meetings shall be open except for those that are required or permitted by law to be closed. All closed meetings, except those closed by attorney-client privilege, will be recorded and kept for four years. Meetings shall comply with Minn. Statute 13D, the Open Meeting Law.

 Article X: COMMITTEES. The Board shall establish committees as needed. Members of committees may include both Board members and others. Committees which have Board-delegated authority shall keep minutes and submit them to the Board.

 Article XI: QUORUM. A quorum for Board meetings shall be a majority of the elected members.

 Article XII: PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern meetings.

 Article XIII: FISCAL MANAGEMENT. The fiscal year of the Lafayette Public Charter School shall begin on July 1 of each year. The Treasurer shall verify all receipts and disbursements; the Board shall approve them. Funds not otherwise employed shall be deposited in a bank to the credit of the Lafayette Public Charter School. The Board of Directors may accept on behalf of the corporation any contribution, gift, bequest, or devise for any purpose of the corporation. All financial reporting is compliant with URARS.

 Article XIV: AMENDMENTS. The Board of Directors shall have the power to alter, amend, or repeal the bylaws, and new bylaws may be adopted by majority vote of the directors present at a regular or special meeting. The Board may take these actions by providing written notice of at least 10 days prior to the meeting. The Board of Directors may change the governance model only:

  • by a majority vote of the board of directors and the licensed teachers providing instruction at the school; and
  • with the authorizer’s approval.

Article XV: STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRIMINATION. The Lafayette Public Charter School will not discriminate on the basis of national origin, sex, religion, or age in the delivery of public education, athletics programs, or employment, as an employer and public educational institution.

A majority present at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Lafayette Public Charter School on March 9, 2021 ratified these bylaws.