About LCS


Lafayette Public Charter School began in 1999 when a group of concerned community members came together to ensure that their community would continue to have a school. Our cause is to teach today’s students to be good stewards of the land and be educationally prepared to enter today’s society. With our focus on agriculture, our students learn the importance of the rural community around them and how integral it is to everyday life. Their technology education prepares them for the technological world that surrounds them. Through our character education program, our students learn the importance of being good citizens.

Lafayette Public Charter School is located in Lafayette, MN, in Nicollet County. We serve students from the surrounding geographic areas, such as New Ulm, Gibbon, Fairfax, Winthrop, Brownton and Courtland.

What is a Charter School?

Lafayette Public Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school district operating under the authority of the Minnesota Department of Education.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating a safe and positive learning environment so that students grow socially and emotionally and reach their highest academic potential.  We strive to build relationships with individual students and instill a sense of curiosity and excitement about education, with a focus on Agriculture and STEAM, so that students become life-long learners.

Our Vision

To be recognized and respected as an exceptional Pre-Kindergarten – 8th grade choice in public education.


We have…

  • Licensed teachers and qualified support staff
  • Core curriculum of language arts, math, science, and social studies
  • Weekly classes in character education, agriculture, technology, music, art, and library
  • Daily physical education
  • Special Education and Title I services
  • Free bus transportation from several surrounding communities including New Ulm, Winthrop, and more
  • All day, every day Kindergarten
  • School nutrition program providing breakfast and hot lunch, including free and reduced price meals
  • Wellness program encouraging healthy eating and exercising habits
  • Tuition-based PreK is offered on-site.  PreK is under the authority of the Minnesota Dept. of Education and has a Four Star Parent Aware Rating.
  • Open enrollment students are welcomed at any time
  • On-site greenhouse incorporated into agriculture classes
  • On-site private fee-based piano lessons are offered during the school day
  • LCS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability

Why LCS? What makes it different?

  • Our small class sizes result in greater individualized attention to students.
  • In multi-age PreK to 8 homerooms, we focus on positive social skills and character education education.
  • Each student learns at his/her own pace in multi-level classrooms
  • We honor students and teach positive character traits at assemblies produced by the students
  • We encourage extensive parental involvement in student learning and school functions
  • We educate students on the significance of the agricultural base of our community
  • We integrate technological curriculum into academic courses and provide media opportunities for our students