Lafayette Public Charter School


August 31st-September 4th, 2020

What’s New at LCS 

 I would like to start by saying thank you to the LCS students, family’s and staff for your cooperation and patience as we made our way through this first week and all of its changes. 

One of the greatest things that i heard in the hallway this week was from a student, “I was scared to come to school but it really feels just like it used to. I’m so glad to be back.” Hearing that reminds me of how resilient children really are and how much they need the routine of school. All of us at LCS are so glad to be able to hear chatter in the hallways once again. 

Reminder: Please label masks, water bottles, lunch bags etc. 


Thursday, September 17th – We will have our annual parent input meeting at 6:00pm.  We want to encourage you to come, we will discuss our In-Person Learning Model, programs, schedules, and concerns you may have.  This is a great chance for us to hear from you – the stakeholders – and work together in creating goals and plans for the future of LCS.  Please come if you are able.

School Board

Interested in being a voice for LCS? We’re currently seeking individuals to join the LCS School Board. Contact Natasha Petersen for more information.

Teacher/Para Subs WANTED

Interested in subbing? LCS is currently looking for substitute paras and teachers. For more information, contact Natasha Peterson at 507-228-8943.

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Dates to Remember!

 September 4th: NO SCHOOL

September 7th: NO SCHOOL

September 8th: School Board Meeting-5:30pm

September 17th: Parent Input Meeting 6pm

September 18th: NO SCHOOL- Teacher Workshop

“The sun is shining on this beautiful first day of school.  We would like to say thank you LCS staff for all that you are doing to keep our children safe.  When I dropped my girls off this morning, I saw happy children excited to be back to school along with parents taking photos to capture the moment.  What I also witnessed this morning was one of the LCS staff greeting each and every child.  You may not have been able to see her smile due to having her mask on, but you could see animation being shown with excitement in welcoming our children back to school.  So with that I say thank you again for your time, energy and dedication you bring each and every day.”

                                                                                                      -LCS Parent





Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie, Fruit, White or Chocolate Milk


Chicken Nuggets, Tator Tots, Lettuce, Veggie Sticks, Fruit, White or Chocolate Milk



Muffin, Fruit, White or Chocolate Milk


Cheese Pizza, Lettuce, Veggie Sticks, Green Beans, Fruit, White or Chocolate Milk



Yogurt, Granola Bar, Fruit, White or Chocolate Milk


Pigs in a Blanket, Baked Beans, Lettuce, Veggie Sticks, Mandarin Oranges, White or Chocolate Milk



Muffin, Fruit, White or Chocolate Milk


Chicken Fajita, Sweet Peas, Lettuce, Veggie Sticks, Pears, White or Chocolate Milk



No School


No School

This menu is subject to change. Fresh vegetables are utilized in the daily menu whenever possible. Vegetables will vary dependent on the availability in our Farm to School Program. Whole wheat grain products are used unless otherwise noted. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Our Lunch Program is Offer vs Serve. See handbook for more information