Wood Peg Gears

Motor Reversing Foil Switches

3D Printed Beyblades

We spent the last few weeks building wood peg gears. Wooden peg gears were historically used in waterwheel powered flour mills to transfer the motion of the water wheel to the grinding stones. We built them from cardboard and wood dowels. Scroll down to see some of the amazing student built gears. 

Switching Direction!

We are learning how DC electric motors work, and how to control them. Our current student challenge is to make a switch that can reverse the direction the motor rotates using aluminium foil and cardboard. In the picture below, a student is testing his design.

Putting a Spin on 3D Printing

We continuing to learn how to use Tinkercad to create better beyblade parts with our 3D printer. Designing a base circular template with the correct dimensions to connect with the launcher is one of the primary objectives of the advanced users. We plan to share the template with beginnning users so they can design custom beyblades without having to tackle all of the intricate dimensions.