Lafayette Public Charter School


September 16th-20th, 2019

What’s New at LCS 

20 Years Strong

This school year is especially special because it marks our 20th anniversary. We will be celebrating all year long by doing student council activities on the 20th of every month and with hosting an LCS reunion next summer.  Watch for details throughout the year!

As we come to a close on week 3, the teachers have reported that we are off to a great start to the 2019-2020 school year. Students are working hard, making friends and stepping up to help out others in need. Keep up the good work!!

Family Involvement

Families are so important to the educational achievement of students. At LCS, there are a lot of opportunities for you as parents to be involved in your child(s) education. If you aren’t sure where to start, contact your child(s) teacher. We also have many special events throughout the year that you can be involved with. Last week, we had our annual parent input meeting where we talked about test scores, Title program, volunteer opportunities and our 20th year reunion. If you’re interested in helping with our 20th anniversary reunion, please contact the office.

NWEA Testing

On Monday, students will start NWEA testing. Please make sure they get a good nights rest and eat a good breakfast. Encourage them to try their best!


We would like to send a HUGE thank you to the Lafayette Lions for their monetary donation. The money was used to purchase document cameras for the classrooms, new gym mats, motors for our STEM program and snacks for our snack program. Our students and staff are very thankful for their continued support to LCS!!

As you may have heard from your child, Mrs. Petersen has been out this week due to a reaction from treatment. Mrs. Elder has been in her classroom and Mrs. Clobes has been filling in with administrative duties. If you have any questions or concerns, please see her. On Sunday, the Hector Lions are hosting a benefit for Mrs. Petersen. If you’re interested in details, please see the attachment.

Wanted: If your family has extra produce they would like to get rid of, we’ll take it- peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, corn, cantaloupe, green beans


Messages from the LCS Office

-Extra picture forms are available

-Fall Fluoride clinic is Oct. 30th– stop by the office for a consent form

-Reminder, Pre-K Tuition is due on the 1st of every month

-If you’re having problems accessing your students JMC account, contact Megan


Dates to Remember!

Sept. 13- NO SCHOOL- Teacher In-Service

Sept. 16- Begin NWEA Testing

Sept. 17- School Board at 5:30

Sept. 19- 5th & 6th grade Assembly- 2:25pm

Sept. 20- Student Council Day- Students wear blue, yellow, red

Sept. 26- Picture Day

Sept. 26- Student Council Elections





Bagels, Fruit or Juice, White or Chocolate Milk


Hamburger Rice Hotdish, diced carrots, mandarin oranges, white or chocolate milk



Muffin, Fruit or Juice, White or Chocolate Milk


Chicken Nuggets, sweet peas, lettuce, fruit, white or chocolate milk



Yogurt, granola bar, fruit or juice, white or chocolate milk


Meatloaf, bread, potatoes, vegetable sticks, lettuce, fruit, white or chocolate milk



Muffin, Fruit, white or chocolate milk


Pork Riblet Sandwich, baked beans, vegetable sticks, lettuce, fruit, white or chocolate milk



Assorted Cereal, fruit, white or chocolate milk


Cheese Pizza, vegetable sticks, lettuce, green beans, fruit, white or chocolate milk

This menu is subject to change. Fresh vegetables are utilized in the daily menu whenever possible. Vegetables will vary dependent on the availability in our Farm to School Program. Whole wheat grain products are used unless otherwise noted. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Our Lunch Program is Offer vs Serve. See handbook for more information

Pictured is Zanney K. enjoying her sweet corn for snack. Pre-K and Kindergarten students enjoyed husking and making corn in Ag class.