Lafayette Charter School invites you to come and learn with us at one of our Community Coffees!

2018- 2019 Assembly and Community Coffee Schedule

Thurs., Sept. 13 Respect/Bullying Prevention Ms. Larson
Thurs., Oct. 11 Imagination/Creativity Mrs. Walters
Tues., Oct. 31
Community Coffee PreK
Thurs., Nov. 1 Optimism/pessimism Mrs. Clobes
Thurs., Nov. 15 Trust/Loyalty Ms. Sulivan
Wed., Nov. 28
Community Coffee
3rd/4th Grade
Thurs., Dec. 6 Internet Safety Mrs. Hoeft
Thurs., Jan. 17 Fairness/Sportsmanship Ms. Larson
Wed., Jan. 23
Community Coffee
Tues., Feb. 5  Self Confidence/determination Mrs. Walters
Wed., Feb. 20
Community Coffee
7th/8th Grades
Thurs., Mar. 7 Environmental Care Ms. Sullivan
Wed., Mar. 27
Community Coffee
5th/6th Grades
Thurs., Apr. 11 Test Prep/Stress Reduction Mrs. Hoeft
Wed., Apr 24
Community Coffee
1st – 2nd Grades
Thurs., May 2 Generous/Considerate Mrs. Clobes

Assemblies are at 2:25 pm in the Stage Room
Community Coffees are at 2:15 pm in the Stage Room