Lafayette Charter School Committees

Committees consist of teachers, staff, and parents. Parents are encouraged to participate. If a committee you are interested in joining does not match your schedule, please contact the committee chair to see about rescheduling it.


Committee Chair: Natasha Petersen
Meeting time/date: 2nd Monday of the Month at 3:15pm

The Agriculture committee is responsible for choosing commodity cycles and provide input on Agriculture related activities to coordinate with curriculum. Individuals will also assist with organizing agriculture events and the in Green House. Events include the Ag Fair (February) & Plant Sale (May). The Ag Committee meets 1 per month.


Committee Chair: Natasha Petersen
Meeting time/date: 3rd Thursday of the Month at 4:00pm

The Grounds Committee is responsible for assessing the needs of the building and grounds surrounding the building. Maintenance includes minor repairs, moving items, painting, carpentry, general cleaning and tree trimming.

Parents Reaching Out to Students (PROS)

Committee Chair: Ashley Walters and Stacy Reinhart
Meeting time/date: 1st Tuesday of the Month at 3:15pm


Committee Chair: Robin Larson
Meeting time/date: 1st Thursday of the Month at 4:00pm

The LCS Safety/Wellness Committee has two purposes:  to ensure that our building is safe and that all safety mechanisms (fire extinguishers, exit lights and signs, etc.) are working properly.  The wellness part of the committee focuses on the food we serve to our students and staff, at breakfast, lunch, and for snack, to make sure they comply with federal standards.  The committee encourages staff and students to eat a healthy diet and to lead a healthy/ balanced lifestyle, through nutrition and exercise.   


Committee Chair: Robin Larson
Meeting time/date: 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 3:15pm

The curriculum committee is responsible for ensuring all teaching materials are current with Minnesota State Standards.  Committee members search for new materials, to be used for primary instruction, or as supplementary materials.  They approve a wide variety of materials for classroom use: apps, (subscription) websites, consumable news/history/art magazines, and more.  They discuss the use/place of technology in classrooms and make recommendations.


Marketing Chair: Natasha Petersen
Meeting time/date: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the Month at 3:15pm

Marketing Committee is responsible for providing the public with knowledge of who we are, what we are and why we’re another choice in public education. Our goal is to promote our school through social media, mail inserts, flyers, radio announcements and newspaper articles. Targeting all audiences will generate student enrollment, community involvement and a positive reputation with families and area communities.


Committee Chair: Tally Clobes
Meeting time/date: 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 3:15pm

The Policy Committee is responsible for evaluating, reviewing and developing policies for the school and to follow legislative guidelines. Policies are sent to the board each month for review and/or approval of new policies.


Committee Chair: Naomi Johnson
Meeting time/date: 1st (school) Monday of the Month at 3:15pm

The technology committee at LCS commits to keeping the current technology of the school up and running for students and staff and also reviews potential future technology projects and determines how they might best serve LCS.